Hang On

Hang On

Sometimes it feels like life fell off a cliff. Fell right off a cliff and left you hanging there. Or worse.

Life can be a challenge and sometimes events transpire that make you think there is no hope. No way back from the abyss, from the challenges and difficulties that life threw at you.

Sometimes hanging on seems impossible. Just let go and give in? Too hard? I can’t do this anymore?

You can.

You are where you are. You may have bad luck, made a bad decision, suffered someone else’s decision, bad or otherwise, suffered at someone else’s hands, lost someone, lost something.
The list could go on and on. But tell me, you are here, right now. You are still here, so something happened, to make you hold on, to carry on. To keep searching, to keep reading, to keep what? That may be what you don’t know.

Like the tree, it fell off a cliff. Life gave it lemons but it hung in there. A difficult journey, it twisted and turned, into the air, into the void, even the abyss, but it hung in there and kept turning.

Who knows what the right turn is, the next turn, the golden ticket or even a helping a hand, but a turn brings you somewhere. Keep on thinking and turning and trying and putting the thoughts out there.
What thoughts I hear you ask. You didn’t mention any thoughts yet. But your thoughts got you this far.

Channel your thoughts, channel your soul, your higher self if you like.
I am me and you are you, a soul in the baggage.
A soul incarnate trying to navigate the difficulty that is earth. Trying to navigate with the difficulties that a life on this planet brings with it. The baggage you are carrying around.

So what makes the journey easier? A better route, less baggage?
Only you know what is holding you back and making life hard.
Like the tree, navigating turns, sideways, back and forth into the air.
The journey isn’t straight, the path has challenges.
Lose some fruit? Sometimes holding on to the things that you think you need on the journey can weigh you down. Make it harder to reach forward, for what you want, what you really need.
My mum has realised this is for her now. Let go of the baggage it holds you back.
You can sweat trying to carry it or you can let it go.

The path is out there, if you want it.
There is always a way to the path you need if you want to get there.
Note I said the path, not the destination.
The path is the journey, the life, the excitement, the experience.
We see too many desperate to get to the destination with no notice of the path they took to get there.
The path is the gift, the gift you came here to live, to experience, to share.
You get that the destination is home? But you already had that.
You chose to come and live the path.

So if the path is hard, and you feel at that cliff edge, relish the opportunity to venture, to adventure on the next day that is life. The first step is all you need. Breathe and take the first step.

Love to all who find me.

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