The Crest

On the crest of a wave.

What does that mean even?

The top of the experience? The peak? For a fleeting moment?

Then what?

Life is a rolling crest of waves. Over and over
Rolling up and down. Stronger and weaker, tied in with the tides, the moon. Tied.

If you are aiming for the crest, aren’t you equally aiming for the fall?

The crest of a wave is a moment in time. Then it’s gone. Waiting for the next moment, the next wave, the next crest.

So what do you do? Roll with it. Roll with life, the waves and the crests.

Even the best, the best surfers you can imagine. Always searching for the next, the biggest, the best wave. Even they are subject to so many things
Experience, balance, timing. A slight shift in any of them can totally change the outcome.

Even then with perfect timing and perfect balance, it is just a moment. A series of moments. And then it is gone. An experience, a memory but physically gone.

But they go back. They go back and do it all over, do it all again.

Sometimes life feels it came crashing down. Like the wave it came crashing down, washing you out with it. But then it receded. The sea went back. You’re still here. You get to stand up and do it all again.

There is no end. The world spins and the tide turns.

Even when it feels like your world came crashing down. Everywhere else the world still spins and the tide still turns.

You are still part of it. Even if you feel like you are sat on the side. Dropped out of the spinning and turning going on around you.

In the middle like the dervish. In a world of your own.

But, you will go back. Your own spin rejoined with the rest. With what goes on around you.

70 per cent? Something like that of this planet is water. All wrapped up with tides, and crests and waves.

Nothing is static. The world turns and drags you with it.

If the day feels stuck and lost you still moved further than you even imagined.

Waiting for the next crest of a wave.

Love to all who find me.

11 thoughts on “The Crest”

  1. This is so beautiful Kid from the other side. Loved it!! Congratulations
    You are on the right track… keep going deeper ….

    Waves -crests and falls are only there on the surface. Deep under the ocean and the sea there is only stillness and peace.

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    1. Thank you Ashok !

      I think she feels that WE are on the right track , we are here to experience the waves and the rolls.
      There is time for stillness and peace of course but you want the experiences while you are here.

      This from a kid that knew it was a short visit and used every minute to try something new!

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