My mum wondered what type of picture she needed for my words today.
An egg?
Where is she going with that!

I would think it was obvious.

New beginnings.

New starts.

Unlocked potential.

An egg symbolises new starts, opportunity, potential in life on so many levels.

Nurtured already before that life can even begin.
Nurtured by someone or something that wanted to give you the best chance.
The best chance to be.

To be what?

Your honest, authentic, natural, real self.

Or not.

That potential is in your hands.
Where will you go with it?

Simply boiled?

Beautifully poached?

For some scrambled is the perfect analogy of where life took them.

What about the outside?

Decorated for fun?
Something to enjoy, to bring momentary light and laughter.

Decorated to excess? Faberge?
So much on the outside for someone to treasure.
But nothing within.
A big shiny facade of a hollow self?

Your potential is there.
Waiting for you to break open.
To break in and work with what’s inside.

You could choose not to break in.
To leave it whole on the outside.
But, if you don’t at least try?
The inside dies from within.

The unmistakeable knowledge that an egg went bad.
Without even trying.
Without literally tapping into the potential within.

So break in.
Break in to the potential that lies within all .
See where it goes.

Life, or delights.
Struggles or smooth paths.

Who really knows where it will lead.
But if you don’t take the first step…
Crack open and see.
Use your potential.
Take chances.
Live life.

Love to all who find me.

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