What is it now?

What is it really?

Time is, of course, just an illusion.

It moulds, it folds, it dictates your day.

It lies

Time is all an illusion.

In your material world, what you perceive to be the living world, time dictates.
It dictates, be here, be there.
Too early, too late.
How long, what to do.
What about the traffic?
What if they stay too long?
What if we stay too long.

A fakery of illusion.
Running your day.
Your life.

What is it really?
Time that is.

You need a semblance of organisation.
In your physical world.
Without it ‘they’ would be out of control.
‘They’ not me.
Always you will notice ‘they’.
Always the others that do something wrong.
Don’t know how to behave.

In your earthly world, you can read survey after survey.
Would you do this wrong? No of course not.
Would ‘they’? Oh of course.

So to realise there is no ‘they’.
We are all WE.

Without the mistrust in the rest of your being, there would be less need for false construct.
False construct to tell the rest of your being what to do.
And when.

Time is tiny little pockets .
And shelves.
And ledges.

Ways to parcel up the now..

In truth there is no time.
No pockets.
No ledges.

Everything is now.

And what of the choices.
‘They’ did something wrong.

So, no matter.
It is all there.
All now.

All parallel if you like.

The choices that you made.
The threads that you pulled.
Across the universe.

They all happened.

All there to see and feel.
To be.

So if they all happened.
All to feel, concurrently.
Why I ask such stress on each moment of time.

‘All that is’ is there.

‘All that is’ is not lost in time.
It just is.

Let go of the stress.
The rush.
To do.
In time.
For what?

Let go of the time and just begin to be.

Love to all who find me.

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