The Route

The Route.

To where?
From where?

The route to Life!
You get here.
You land in a swirl of noise and light.

Nothing like where you came from.
The womb?
No, where you really came from!

You launch into a life on earth.
On this planet of madness.
Of experience.
Of Love.
And not.

To experience what you cannot feel elsewhere.
Without the bustle and the frenzy.
The experiences hurled at you.
That you roll through.
Or don’t.

It’s a tough place to be.
But you came for a reason.
To Love.
And to learn.

To feel.
To really feel.

Every emotion,
Every feeling.
Of Love.
And of Loss.

You came to really feel.

In tough times.
It’s hard to believe.
That you wanted.
Really wanted.
To feel this way.

But you did.
And you do.
Feel it.

Don’t forget.
What you feel is Love.
Without the rest,
How would you know?
Really know.
What Love is,
Without the contrast.
And colour.

Black or white.
Shades of grey.
You have to feel it all.
To feel the difference.
To really know.
When there is Love in your heart.
When you are wrapped in Love.
By those you know.
And those you aren’t aware.
Are loving you from afar.
From that place called home.

Love to all who find me.

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