Who am I? Who are we? Why?

I started this blog saying that I was going to talk about who I am now, where I am, what is.
I digressed to talk about a few foundations that affect us all but back to me.

People knew me as a mad whirl of activity. Everything a girl could do I did it.
Fitting everything into the short time I had in this visit.
Remind me to park Time as a subject, a more misunderstood 4 letter word it is hard to think of, other than Love that is!

I tumbled into this mortal coil fast and early, I guess you could say that’s exactly how I left it too.
Symmetry. What goes around comes around.

Left early. Left early in your world that is, in your normality.
What even makes it early? 100 years ago you had a lot of children. You certainly didn’t expect them all to make it.
It depends where you are reading this from. Vast swathes of the world still have a lot of children, and, many still don’t live a long life.

I left at a perfect point in time, in a perfect place, in a perfect way.
It doesn’t matter where or when or how or why.
You can play what if, if only, woulda, coulda, shoulda.
You can blame, you can rewind, you can go over and over.
But, at this point in time it just is.
Perfect synchronicity for how it was meant to be.

I can tell you over and over, if it wasn’t that day, that way, it would have been.
Another day, another way.
It was coming.

Exit points.

You can choose to take them, you can defer, you can change your mind completely.

But, one day, one day, we take them.
One day we all go home.

Home? I hear you ask.
I am home. Loving my life, loving my family.
Lucky you. Not everyone is loving the journey that is.
But regardless, one day we all come home.

Where is home?

So many books.
So many experiences.
So many people to tell you what happens when you get home.
Even some that don’t believe in home.
To those people, that doesn’t matter, you can come anyway.
You will come anyway.

But where and what is it?
You can read, you can read them all.
Another 1000 stories to tell you, a million maybe.
You still won’t know.
Until you get here.
Home is where you want it to be, where you need it to be.
To start….

…so for now.
Love to all that find me.

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Reassuring to know you’re in a good place.
    Difficult to accept for some.
    Last time you talked of baggage interfering with enjoyment of this experience.
    As a human the mental and physical baggage can be overwhelming as we try to extend our shared experience beyond what ‘is’. Shortchanged when a loved one leaves ‘early’.
    Emotion is powerful in this carnation.
    Is that an intended purpose in this life? Does reason have a place?
    Look forward to further insight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. Food for thought. I will ponder and look forward to what she has to say on this next.
      Some personal nudges rather than just general sharing tucked in with her words…


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