The heart of me.

The heart of you.

You know who I am.

You know where I am.

But who am I really.
The core,
The essence of my being.

The heart of my soul you might think.

And no.

The essence of my being.
The light,
The sparkle.
The dance if you will.

The Love in my soul lit up for eternity.
Shining the light of who I really am.

Who I really was.
My essence in a cloak.
A cloak of that physical being.
But underneath.
My essence still shone.
There for all to see.
If they cared to look.

So why essence?
Your essence.
Shines bright.
Underneath the cloak that you wear.
The bag of bones.
Living this existence.

YOU shine bright.
For all to see.
If they care to look.
If you care to look.

To give light to your being.
And forgiveness.

Room to breathe.

When it feels that life is running away.
Running ahead.
And dragging you down.

That underneath.
The core of your being,
Is no different to me.

Essence shining bright,
Through the brightest days,
And the darkest.

Nothing changes the fundamental core,
The brightness of your being.

Unless you let it.
Even then.
It is an illusion.

Essence is light.
And Love
And You.

Go and shine bright.

Love to all who find me

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