Space in time
Space and time.

Space is everywhere you feel.
Everywhere you are.

It is not some far away place in the distance.
It is that space that you occupy.
There, right now.

Oh now?
At this time?

That assumes a moment in time.
A passing moment.

And there we have it.

Space is here.
Why right here.
Right now.
All of it.
All time.
Right now.

So if all space is here and now.
And now is all time, and now.

Where do you think I am?

No prizes at all,
For right here.
Right now.

To understand separation.
That there is no separation.

That just because you don’t see me,
Feel me,
Hear me,
(although with a little effort and a lot more trust, I promise that you can).

Just because you don’t see me.
Does not mean that I am not here.

The radio waves,
The internet.
The signal to your tv.

You don’t see any of them.
But you trust them.
You believe.
You are trusting the signals to the internet right now.

So why the difficulty in understanding.
Without the need for a PhD in astrophysics,
Quantum physics or anything else that.

Trust what you cannot see.

Trust what you feel.
Trust what you hear.

Trust in Love.
The power of Love.
That cannot be destroyed.
Whatever the structure.
Whatever the loss.

Love cannot be destroyed.
It is right by your side.
Holding your heart.
Through space and time.

Love to all who find me.

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