Through the cracks

Through the cracks.

When you are broken, think you are broken. Worn and struggling. Struggling to make the day, to see another side, to see how to get through to the other side of living, surviving. Then you are searching for light in the cracks.

The shield you built. To protect from reality. From what went wrong, what is wrong, what you lost. Who you lost. It has cracks.

Look for the cracks, that glimmer of light that is your way through. Your way through to strength, to a new reality. Almost. Eventually.

Baby steps through the cracks, towards the light.

You won’t wake up the day after the worst happened, or the next day either, and turn on the light and pick up where you left off. As if none of it happened.

But, one day you start to see the light filtering through the cracks. Come what may, naturally, you will find yourself reaching for the light that you see through those cracks. The light, the sun, the warmth and the healing that you feel filtering through those tiny cracks.

Whether you want it or not.

You can hide, from the sun, from the light filtering through the cracks. But it is harder. Harder to hide than to reach for that light. Naturally growing to the light and the heat. The light and the heat that enable you to blossom all over again.

You still need the rain, maybe even some storms. You weathered some storms already.

You are still here.

Reach for the light and the helping hands.

Tomorrow really can be a better day.

Love to all who find me.

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