Rock, Paper, Scissors

I Love to make my Mum wonder where on earth this will go when I let her know what kind of picture we need!

Rock, Paper. Scissors.
A game played at random from way back when, before games had to come all wrapped up with shiny slogans.

A basic analogy for the game of life perhaps.
If you care to look a little deeper.

The rock, granite, hard unmoving.
But in the game, and indeed in the game of life, that doesn’t mean that you always win.

Strength can be a good thing, in all manner of ways, in all manner of circumstances.
But sometimes, you have to move a little, to flex and to bend.
Rock hard, brute force, strength.
Sometimes that is no way to win.
And no way to live life.

So much to say here.
You can flex, you can bend.
You can decorate, you can cover.
You can write a 1000 stories, or remember a 1000 tears.

Paper is a great analogy for the meaning of life.
It starts from something growing naturally.
A little help along the way to nurture and develop.
Cut down.
Could that be the end?
Or a new start with some re-processing.
Then the opportunities are boundless.

Write your own story.
Choose your own path.
Develop, your story, your self.

Reflect and look forward.

No limits.

But it isn’t indestructible.
The scissors in the game?

Cut down?
Cut through?

Scissors can destroy what you created or cut through to what you need.
Sharp and steely.
For good or for bad.

Even the paper for that matter.
Words have power.
They can empower, enlighten.
Support or destroy.

The scissors.
Find a way through?
Shape what is now.
A destiny.
Cut away the rot, what is doing you no good at this life point?

Life is just a game.
You can sit it out on the side or you can play.
Engage with the team or go solo.

It’s all a game that you can choose to enjoy, to figure, to relish.
There is no lose.
There is just the game and the route.
The route to the next game.
The next experience.
The next relationship.
The next moment.

Enjoy each moment as the next step in each game.
No win or lose, just a whole series of moments.

Moments that add to the greater whole.
That we all live.
That we all experience.

Just begin to ‘be’.

Love to all who find me.

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