Or is it sunrise?

Is it the end or is it the beginning?

Life in a nut shell.

A new day.
A new way.
A new dawn.
New light.
New opportunitys.
New chances.

Or the end.

What even is the end?

A pause, a chance to recoup.
To reflect.
To restore.
To close something off as finished.
Or to pause until you pick up the opportunity again.


And death.

Both new starts.

New pages of the same soul.

I’m not dead, I’m different.

That was a book that my mum loved.
Bought copies and gave them to people even.
People whose kid died too.
And thought it was the end.
That the world had ended.
Not just for their kid.
For them too.

It isn’t the end.
It’s different.

I am a soul.

In the light.

Still here.

Where? I hear you ask.

Only ever a breath away.
An imperceptible breath between us.

From the light of my soul to yours.
As imperceptible as the air that you breath.
I feel your soul, your breath, your thoughts.

You feel my soul in the love around you.
The embrace on dark days.
The cheers to carry on.
Applause when things go well.
The hugs when they don’t.

So the light.
That’s where we started.

Is the light leaving or coming back.
Both beautiful.
The magnificance of nature played out in the sky.

Played out in a 1000 ways as it is coming and going.

Played out in a 1000 ways like the life you are living.
The life that I lived.

Like the sun, you can choose to admire it.
To reflect on it often.
To relish the spectacle.
To embrace it.

Like life.

It can just be.
You can drift with it.
Accept it.
Let it pass with no observation.
No reflection.
No notice.

Or you can embrace the beauty.
The rises and falls.

To play with the rhythm.
Relish and appreciate.
The rises and falls of life.

Go with it and ‘be’.

Love to all who find me.

Note from my mum.
The book was “I’m not dead, I’m different” by Hollister Rand

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