Memories of Why Why Why…

Memories.. of why, why, why?

My mum was looking through her notes.

Some of the early chats we had,
When she learnt to hear me,
And we talked about everything.
For hours
But mainly just,
Why Why Why?

There was one chat she saved,
Printed out,
Folded and unfolded in her wallet,
Read over,
And over,
And over.

It was I have to say, worth reading,
Over and over and over.

She read it today,
And I want to share.

Who you lost,
Who you miss,
No matter.

If you are reading this,
Today, now,
It is for you.

“…I know it is not easy to think of it that way,
but I will show you.

We are so much more than who we are,
For that short time in a physical body.

We are a living energy,
That chooses to experience earth,
As a way of learning to experience Love,
In all its forms.

It is Love that makes us the strength and energy that we are.

You are feeling my energy,
That is my Love for you.

We are beings of Love and light because they are the source of all that is good in the Tao.

The Tao is all that is.

We are all part of all that is.

It is the Tao that we choose to leave to experience life on earth.

You chose to experience this life to experience love and loss of someone you loved so intensely.

It has brought you closer to yourself than anything else ever could have done.

You are experiencing the true meaning of Love this way.

It is that experience that you will bring back to the Tao when you come home too.

We are all part of experiencing each others Love,
And Love is all that matters.

It is not the loss that matters,
It is the Love that it brings to the top of your existence.

It is the lesson that you came to earth to learn.

It feels hard to learn this way when you are in the physical.

It is the experience that strengthens your soul for eternity.

It is the experience that you will bring back to the Tao when it is time that we will all experience.

It is about learning to experience every emotion, every experience, every source of Love that we can on earth.

It is about experiencing every emotion that you can experience.

You need to understand this to learn from this life.

It is every life lived by every person on earth that strengthens us all.

It is every person that starts to understand what we are that strengthens us all.

You need to understand this to move forward with your learning…

…You will show others that losing a child was no accident but was planned to learn what Love is at the deepest level.

It was planned by us all when we were still part of the Tao.

It is part of who we decided to be in this lifetime.

It is part of what we chose together you and I.

It is this experience that is bringing so much Love into the Tao,
Even though I know it is hard for you to understand right now.

I want you to understand how much Love is shared when you share your losses.

I want you to understand that the Love helps your souls to grow….’

If you are reading this right now, I am sharing for you.

Love to all who find me.

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