The Light Within


My mum lit a lot of candles for me.
In the early days.
And years.

Come rain , or shine.
Or snow.

On my grave.
At home.

Candles, candles, candles.

You see it was the light.

She decided early on that it was the light,
That she could see,
That I could see.

That if we were looking at the same light,
That it brought us closer.
To the same place.

Nice thought,
And I can tell her that it did,
That it does.
But it isn’t really necessary.

I am here.
Always here.
Right next to you.

Only ever a breath away.

Ritual is for you.
Not for me.

If you think you need it,
To feel closer to me.
Then do what you need to do.

But I am here.
Holding you,
Supporting you.

On worldwide candle lighting day.
As every other day,
Holding you up,
With Love,
And only ever a breath away…

Love to all who find me.

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