Across the fields.

A beautiful example of nature in action?
Or hope?

Hope for for what?

A different place of being?
Of existence?
From the life you are living?
The pains and trials and tribulations of life.

The end of the rainbow.
Who ever got there?
Who ever found it?

What do you even think is there?

Rainbows indeed a beautiful creation of nature.
But that most magnificent thing.

An illusion.
A beautiful illusion.

So what are you chasing?
Chasing rainbows.

Something better,
Something others have,
Something gone,
Someone gone?

Chase your own heart.
Chase within.
Find within.

That which is real.
Who you are.
The soul within.
The soul with out.

You are not that physical person.
Chasing rainbows.
Chasing someone else’s dreams.

Dreams that when you find them,
Were just an illusion.
A beautiful illusion.

That when you find them,
Were not real,
Had no substance.
Did not when you found them ,
Make you happy after all.

Look to the soul within.
Who you are.
Who we are.

Always with you .
Right by your side.
Holding you up.
Loving you.
With you.

The beauty is within.
Nothing to chase.
On a rainy day.

The rainbow within.
Waiting to be found.
When you take the time to look inside.
And find the beauty within.
That is you.
The real, whole you.

Love to all who find me.

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