What is your reality?
What is mine?

My mum doesn’t ask too many questions.
Free space.
To say what I like.
To throw into your universe,
What I want to share from mine.

This week,
A question.
Something to address.

My reality.
In this space.
An infinite space.
Around you,
Just being.

When you pass from the physical to light.
You wonder.
You wonder where we are.
What there is.
What we are ‘doing’.
What we are being.

Choices choices.
I have to say.

Did you come with a plan?
An expectation?
JC and flowing robes?
Father Christmas running to greet you?
All manner of gods depending on your life experience?

All of them.

I have to say,
Your expectations.
Are a big part of your beginning of time.
No time.
Back home.

If you expected nothing.
You are in for a shock.
Too hard to clear your being of being.
You are.
And will be.

And to what we do?
That is a question for another day.

Your being in light,
Is light,
Continues to be.

There is no end.
New realities.
For you and for me.

Reality as a soul.
No different to you.
You are a soul,
Just clad in your physical being.

The heart of you,
The same as the heart of me.

Compassion and
Love and
Sharing and
With no fear.

Fear is the biggest threat to your soul.
Whilst living your human experience.

When you drop the suit.
The human suit you wore for the game.
The fear goes with it.
You shake off the fear that held you back.

With no fear.
The future is limitless.
The future is now.

The light in your being.
The light that is Love.

For ultimately.
All there is,
Is Love.

Love to all who find me.

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