What can you see?

Where do you think you are?

What is out of reach,
Out of touch,
Out of sight?

It is a year since my mum gave me this voice.
I hope some of my words have touched her.

I hope some of my words have touched you.

I am out of reach,
Out of sight.

But closer than I have ever been.

Only ever a breath away.

Wrapped up in your thoughts,
Your mind.
Your heart,
My soul.

Our souls intertwined,
In experience,
In living,
In Loving,
In being.

When you look at the horizon,
Do you see endings?
Or beginnings?

A finite definitive horizon?
Or infinity?

Whilst I may feel far away,
Realise that horizons are a choice.
To reach,
Or to breach.

Into infinity,
Where anything is possible.
Where our souls swim,
And spin,
And tangle through the ether.
To boundless, limitless possibilities.

Unbound by that bag of bones that ties so many opportunities,
Back from the free spirit that is your soul within.

So when you walk on the shore,
Throw your mind open to how far we are,
How far we have come,
And the untethered possibilities that horizon holds for us.

When we venture free,
In Love not fear.

Love to all who find me.

And Happy Birthday to my page!

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