Shades of Me

Shades of Me

When you look at photos

Relive memories,

Think what might have been.


Feel what is.

How those memories, those times,

Made you.

Made me.

Made us what we are,

How we are.

How we chose to be.

Every memory, every event.

A choice.

A moment in time,

That made us who we are.

Made us who we chose to be.

Every moment an element, a building block,

Of who we chose to be in this life.

Every memory, every second.

Light and dark.

Shades of me.

Shades of who we chose to be.

Let light be the moment, in all moments.

Light and dark.

But they all made me.

So in those memories,

Take them all for the whole that they are.

The light and dark ,

The shades of my soul, of my being, my whole.

The shades that made me.

Love to all who find me.

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