Just Love

Love, is it the answer or the question?

On days where you are wondering, where I am, why things turned out as they are, it all comes down to Love.

Love is the answer, and, Love is the question.

Why do we do the things we do, you there and us here by the way, all of it comes down to Love. The experience, the good and the bad, it all builds our inner soul. You might say it makes you a better person. I would just say it makes you, me, us, who we are.

Every experience, every thought, every twitch and every turn changes somebody somewhere, even if you don’t know it. Every change of direction, every change of your mind changes the whole path but it all comes back to Love.

Now you are thinking but what about the bad things? It can’t all be fluffy, unicorns & rainbows, hearts and flowers. No but it is all experience, all growth. You have to feel the fire to know it is freezing? Blood and water, light and dark. You have to experience all sides of everything to really live, to really know what living is, and ultimately to feel what Love is.

I’m not saying finding Love , (don’t second guess me mum, I feel you thinking you know where this is going!) I’m not saying finding Love is the only destination in a life, Loving a child, a pet, a partner ( no particular order haha) is all that Love is. It is in every thought in your being. Be nice to the homeless guy, the person delivering your parcels now that no one even shops anymore, the person who pushed you out of the way in the street – you don’t know what terrible thing they had to deal with, even just a miserable day. Send them all Love.

The terrible things you see on the news. You can’t change any of that but you can change the people you come across and that tiny ripple of Love will ripple through. Be who you need to be but do it with Love.

That’s all we ask, spread a little humanity on the human side, and we feel it right back too.

So was it the answer or the question? Love is your permanent sense of being. It’s who and what we are, whether Live, or discarnate. Interesting word but I don’t want fluffy here at this point. The soul in me is the soul in you, just without the carriage, or the bag of bones as you sometimes like to call it! Our natural sense of being rubbed up by life and humanity so that sometimes you forget just what that point is.

Love and be loved, to all that find me.

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