Where to start. Loss is thousands of books and many thousands of words, and still nobody knows. One person’s loss is another person’s living. That will make sense later.

Loss, ‘I lost my child’ for example. Lost as a basic word suggests that you don’t know where something is. Years ago someone told my mum that she should ‘ let me go’. Do you know what I said? Where? Where does she want me to go exactly?

Lost and loss have different meanings but they are the same in the end. I am not lost , I am not found, I just am.

A being, a soul, around if you care to think, or feel or know me. That doesn’t sound too lost does it?

Loss is for you not me. My mum loved a poem, the line she remembers? “I’m not crying for you now, I’m crying for me”.

I’m happy and whole, really whole. My whole soul without the baggage, without the doubt and the caution. Without the ego and bravado. Simple whole me.

So if I’m not lost what about the Loss?

Like the poem ‘crying for me’. Loss is sadness you feel in your soul but not in a sad way. Confused? Your soul feels the Love and Loss. The Loss brings the Love to the very whole of your being. That can be too much to bear. Too much Love? Who would think it. But to really experience the overwhelming Love in Loss is one of the hardest lessons for a soul incarnate, on the planet, to bear.

Too much Love? That is a good thing right? So you had to lose us to feel too much Love, to experience it in your living.

If you just ‘lost’ someone you Love you are mad right now reading this. But that’s ok. Mad too. That’s an emotion, a sign of living. You are living and breathing and thinking and being. Keep living and being and we will keep ‘being’ right by your side.

Love to all that find me.

Note from my mum. The poem is “On The Other Hand” from “Stars In the Deepest Night” by Genesse Bordeau Gentry

2 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. Thank you, and the desire to overcome it. Some can feel a need to hold on to the pain, to feel that they are staying closer to their loved one. Letting the pain go doesn’t mean letting the Love go.

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