What does it mean? Where do you stick?

Does it mean that life flows easily, an easy ride, drifting unhindered, an easy time?

None of the above. It’s about going with life, not fighting what happens, living with events, people, Love. Loving what happens even if it feels hard and pulling and fighting against the flow of life.

Accepting that everything happens, there, I’m going to say it, everything happens for a reason.

Now if you just lost your job, your house, a person you Love, you hate this right now. Everything happens for a reason can be one of those nasty little platitudes, the kind people say when they feel a need to say something, no matter how banal or useless. My mum’s Dr called them ‘fuckwit comments’, that’s about right.

So you are thinking, you just did that, another fuckwit comment. Well yes if you want to see it that way, but I want to look at what it really means.

Everything happens when it happens because things, some things, conspired in the universe to make them happen right now. Some things were planned, were meant or hoped to happen. If not then another time. My mum wonders still about my death. I will tell her again what she has been told so often. If it wasn’t that day, that way, it would have happened. Another day, another way. The only thing we all know for sure right?

Some things are planned, some things an opportunity, some things just the combination, the recipe of all those tiny insignificant things that all add up to today.

Today may be fantastic, through all those tiny things, or it may be devastatingly awful. Terrible. But today is. You can fight where you are or you can go with it. Accept and ‘ go with the flow’.

Flow is less painful, no matter how it may feel right now.

Go with the universe and see where it takes you. Rivers flow. When they don’t the power behind them builds and builds until something bursts. Until the dam bursts. That power can be destructive. Flow is a gentler, kinder way to accept where life is taking you.

Love to all who find me

4 thoughts on “Flow”

  1. Very well put.

    Looks like you mean accept whatever is happening! Don’t fight it!

    My understanding is: whatever has happened had to happen. So I am very much with you on that. But today we have a choice, we have will power. And once we have made a choice cause and effect take over. We have no control over the result.

    So live your present well or to the best of your ability and then let go!! We could call it going with the Flow 😊

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    1. Thank you.

      We think you can still choose. Even if you made a choice before you got here, you can change your mind and not go through with it.

      Sometimes things outside change along the way and it becomes less of a good idea. But , you are right, if or once it is happening, whatever ‘it’ is, life is less hard if you work with it.

      Paddling upstream is never going to be an easy or comfortable option.

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  2. The universe has conspired to put me in quite a good place now, made better by accepting what has happened.
    What ‘is’ only brings me to the present moment though. It is still up to me to accept what is on offer

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