A word that describes loss of hope.

Disturbance of the equilibrium, the balance the norm.

Natural disaster.
Or man made.

There is a clue in the words.


It is a normal function of the being of the planet.
This planet.
To evolve.
To change.
To fix itself.
Or destroy.

The being that is all life, that supports all life.
Evolving and sweeping and changing.
To start afresh.

Natural or man made?
Man indeed makes changes to the natural.
More so than any being previous to this one.

The world has changed.
Evolved and cleared.
Started afresh.
But never with such direct involvement of the beings within.

Clearing resources, changing the balance.
A cake if you will.
Humour me!
A simple analogy.
Simple elements combined.
Remove an element.
Upset the ratio.
It may work, a little.
Too much and it won’t
Change the temperature.
A little either way, kind of ok.
Too much and it is no longer cake.
Too much and it is nothing.
Not viable.

It is hard to perceive, to believe the doubt.
The doubt in some minds that mankind can exercise such power.
That behaviour of some can affect existence for the many.

Those that have not changed their living, to the extremes of many in what they perceive to be ‘advanced’ nations.
Paying for the consequences of changing the balance.

Thoughts are cheap.
Actions too slow.
Begrudged by many.
Suffered by more.

You know that home is a greater place.
But that place that you rest now, to grow for your soul.
It needs your help.
That place that you take for granted.
It is as living a being as you.
But sick.
Sick at it’s core.
Struggling to breathe.
But that that described your neighbour.
Would you walk on by?
Leave them for someone else to help?
Step over them in the street?

Step back and think of the sickness around.
Sickness of the earth that is.

Step back and pause.

A breath for your soul.

A breath for the planet.

It needs to breath.

Love to all who find me.

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