As usual my mum wonders what I want to do with a picture – of bees!

Busy bees?
Bees as a fundamental source of the wonder of nature, natural design beyond human intervention.
Or be?


Being in the world.

Well all of them!

The bee as a fundamental design.
It’s simplicity.
A source of transmission.
Communication of effort and sources.
Between ostensibly unconnected elements of the universe.
How on earth did the intervention of bees become such a fundamental building block in natural design.
In the ecology of the planet.
It’s sustainability and well being.

Being already.

Is it an accident that your natural state of wonder.
All too readily bypassed for entertainment.
The never ending search for more and more and different amusement.
Bypasses your natural state.
Of being.

Once in a while.
Step back.
Stop the frenetic whirl.
Of searching for ever varied entertainment.
Entertainment from what?

Avoidance of your natural state?


You are a being.
A human being.
If you are like most people out there, a human being, avoiding the ‘being’.

Step back.
And breathe.

Observe the wonder that you are.
The being within.
The wonder within.

Wonder or wonder?
Like the miracle that is the bee.
Ponder your own miracle within.
What is it doing.

Take that moment to marvel at your own sense.
Feel the sense of your being.
Instead of running past it.
Adding layers.
Layers that the natural wonder of self didn’t, doesn’t need.

Peel away the layers within.
Unearth the natural beauty.
And really begin to ‘be’.

Love to all who find me.

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