The Room

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There are people in my room.

I don’t normally take requests but this time I want to talk about something.
Something my mum has been wondering about.

There were people in my room.
It kept me awake.
Why were they there?
What did they want?
More to the point why wouldn’t they go away?

Well, there are always people in your room.
What? You ask.
Always people.
Those who care, those who help.
Those who watch.
To see that you are not alone.
Held up.
However it might really feel.

There is none.

Here, there, the veil.
We are all one.
You in your bag of bones,
Trying to navigate your way.
And then there is us.
Holding you up…

Showing you the way.
That you can choose to follow.
Or not.

Choices choices.
The point of life.
You may not feel you have choices.
But that, in itself, is a choice.

You can ask for help.
You can soldier on.

Life right now can feel so awful.
Feel like there is no choice.
It is all experience.
Experience for your soul.
That part of you that isn’t really the body you identify with so readily.
That overcoat you wear to drag you down.
Or not.

Flow with the life choices that you take.
However they feel.
You grow.
We grow.
You are adding to life experience.
That we all feel.

Life sings.
We sing with you.

Life sucks.
We feel it too.
We hold you up.
And we feel it too.

Were life all song, how would you know?
How would you know.
With nothing to compare and contrast.
Your soul would be stuck.
Blissfully stuck, but we have that here.
What do you learn?
How do you grow?
How do we grow?
For humanity.
For us all.

The people in my room.
In your room.
Holding your way.
Your path.
Holding it open.
And guiding your way.

Know that they are there.
That we are here.
There is no separation.
Between what you see.
And what we feel.

Life is after all but an illusion.
And I am always.
Only a breath away.

Love to all who find me.

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