When do dreams become reality?

What is the difference.

When is it real, when is it fantasy.
Only the tiniest apology for the tune now in your head.

So so much to think about.

Dreams are what you wish you were living.

Dreams are the world you stepped through while you were sleeping.

Dreams for the future.

Dreams of lost pasts.

Dreams of pasts still with you in your living.
Your foundations.
Your building blocks.

Dreams where you wake up and have no idea at all what just happened.
What was your conscious trying to tell you?
Who was trying to tell you?
Or just playtime in far off realms.

Did you meet someone no longer in this realm?
A note here.
If that felt real ,it is more cross over than dream.
I’m not so far away at all.
In your mind.
In your heart.
And oh so easy, in your dreams.
The hardest part there is getting you to believe it.
And remember.

Dreams on shallow ground.
But they don’t have to stay there.

Trust and believe.
What after all is a dream.
Something you imagine in life.
To make it better.
Who dreams of something that doesn’t make it better?
That’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare!

So build it.
Go back and read your dream.
And live it a little.
Or a lot.

Dreams of material stuff?
Dream through your soul.
The wonder and awe.
The Love and the comfort.
Even yourself.
Especially yourself.

Take the wonder and live it.
Add a sparkle to every dull day.

So life is in a bad place?
Then dream a little more.
Savour the best bits.
Store them for later.
To reach out to and remember when you hit those tough moments.

And if you don’t remember the bits to reach for?

Go and dream some more.
And don’t forget reach out for those you loved.
There is no loved.
Past is not passed when it comes to Love.
They’re still there, loving you right back in the now.

Love to all who find me.

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