When the world seems to be going on outside the window.
And your own world is still.
Frozen in time.

The light outside.
Reflective of life.
Of movement.
Of opportunity.

Your own world.
Inward looking.
Is that window really barred?
Or is is a scene from the past.
Times passed.
And the memories that went with them.

How to live in that world.
To view it in that living moment.
Instead of viewing it from the outside in.

Are they physical bars?
Or a thought inside.
A block on the way to the outside.
A block to living amongst the living.
Rather than caged, blocked in with the past.

A choice one might say.
A choice you always say I hear you think!

Indeed, that life with no choice is not a life.
However caged you feel.
Or however lacking options.
The choice to go forward is just that.
Whether physically going somewhere.
Or opening up your thought process.
To see potential.
To live some potential.
Your potential.

It is always a choice.
You can choose.
You can hope.
Or you can curl up into a ball.
And hope it will all go away.

Choose hope for your next day.
The next breath of your being.

No one can steal away your hope.

Hope for a better moment.
Happier times in your being.

The only person who can shut away the hope in your soul.
Is sat on this side of the bars with you.

Open the window into your soul.
Breathe into that next moment.
Of hope.
Of Love.
For your own sense of being.

Love to all who find me.

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