Always With You

When you are feeling alone.

When the world around feels like it is closing in.

When the future looks bleak.


I am only ever a breath away.


Your Loved ones.
Those you remember,
Those you never knew.
Behind you.
With you.
Holding you up.

Whatever life throws.

When the future looks bleak.

It is only a moment.

A moment in time.

Before the next one.

The next one quite different.

Not tied to the past.

Not tied to the future.

Just expectation.


Be kind.
To yourself.
Over and above all.

Above all?
That isn’t how we are taught.

Be kind to yourself.
To grow and to nurture.

Without that kindness to self.
How do you know?
How do you have understanding?
How do you have empathy,
To others.

Practice on yourself.
And nurture.
That you can love and nurture others.
With understanding and compassion.

When the day looks tough.
You are never alone.
Held up.
By all of us.
In this realm.

Only ever a breath away.

Love to all who find me.

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