Roll With It

Roll with it.

Roll with what life throws at you.

Accept and take your next step.

The day may look stormy ahead.
Grey, threatening.
Blue skies a distant hope.

But look at the form.
The art in the rolling.
Over and under.
Dark and light.

A perfect description of where life has found you?

Tough times ahead?

Roll with it and through it.

Relish the turns.

The twists where life takes you.

Through the darkness to the light.
The sunset on the horizon?
The sunrise on a better day?

Life is no blue sky dream.
Where is the contrast?
The experience?
The emotion?

You need the storms to roll through.
To roll over.

To experience the contrast.
Compare the good.
And the bad.

Listen to the storms.
Atmospherics in motion.

Your experience adding to all that is.
All that you are.

On the way to that sunset.
The journey called life.

Love to all who find me

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