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Sometimes you hear me.

Sometimes you see me.

But you dismiss it.
A figment of your imagination.

Don’t be silly.
Wishful thinking.

A hope.
A wish.
A sad delusion.





Your loved one is
Only ever a breath away.

Holding you up.
Supporting you.
Loving you.


And trust some more.

When times are tough,
And you feel alone.
If you only understand one thing.

If only.

If only you would accept it.
And believe it.

How hard we try,
To support,
To care.

How easily you dismiss.
A figment of your imagination.
Wishful thinking.

Well take the wish.
Listen to those thoughts.
The thoughts that pop into your head.
That you dismiss so easily.

Listen and trust.

That we are all one.
You here.
Us, not so very far away.

Living the journey.
Living your journey.

That we all learn from the experiences,
Out there in the universe.
For the better of all.
For the better of your understanding.

To go with the flow.
That next experience.
All a step along your journey.
Our journey.

Trust the thoughts.

Accept the support.
The Love.
The shared experience.

Open up and trust.

Love to all who find me.

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