When your heart feels broken.

When Loss eats you up.
From the inside.

Then what?

Love & Loss are interminably linked.

Without Love, there is no loss.

Loss of someone you loved so intensely.
No bigger lesson for your soul.
No bigger growth can come.
Than in learning who they were.
What they are.
What we are.

To understand the pattern of life.
The circle of Love,
And loss.
And grieving.

Without that pattern.
We are shells.
Going about our daily lives.
Drifting through life.
With no real meaning.

To understand the core of our souls.
And what,
And why.

We have to feel it.

To Love,
And to lose,
And to grieve.

To grow that Love.
To feel it,
And to grow that soul.
And mine.

There is no loss,
Of that Love that you feel.

Just growth.
Of you.
And of me.

That our Love never dies.

Only ever a breath away.

Love to all who find me.

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