Where are you?

Where are you meant to be?

Fate, chance or made up rubbish?
note I may not explore the last option!

The chances that brought you here today.
To where you are.
To what you are doing.
How you feel.

All chance?
Or divine intervention.

Divine planning at a fundamental level.
Or luck.

Your choice to feel,
To experience,
Where you are today.

Or to wish it away.
To wish you were elsewhere.
That luck,
Or fate,
Or whatever you want to blame.
Brought you to this place.

Or you could accept.
That you are in the right place.
At the right time.
Doing exactly what you are meant to be.

That the divine,
The core,
The heart of us all.
Brought you to what is meant to be.

That there is no chance.
Although you can choose to ignore.
Where that fate has brought you.

To ignore the experience.
The emotions.
The feelings at the heart of your soul.
While you have this experience.
In this body.
On planet earth.

Take where fate has put you.
Where you have found yourself having this experience.
And engage.

And live it.
Live and feel,
And feel and live that experience.

That your soul can grow.
That my soul can grow.
From what we feel,
What we learn,

Where the next step takes us.

One thing for sure.
Whatever we live.
Whatever we feel.
We grow.

We cannot shrink from any experience.
We grow into it.
We grow with it.

That destiny brings you to that next place.

Where you are meant to be.

Love to all who find me.

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