What does that mean to you?
Cute and fluffy or a rabid pest?
Two completely different ideas of the same beast.

Apply that to everything you see.
Everyone you see.

What is abhorent to you can be awesome to someone else.
And vice versa.

Nothing is black and white, or red or grey when it comes to squirrels.

The world in a multitude of colours, all reflected differently depending on what you want to see.
Not in your soul.
Your soul sees no colour.
Everything just ‘is’.

Colour no concept.
Just light.
And Love.

So what of the dark.
The dark in our souls.
How does it get out.
And how do you put it back.

Frankly, it doesn’t.

There is no dark in the soul.
The dark is a human construct.
Of ego and anger.
False personality.

False personality over embracing the awesome natural human being that you really are.

Accept that the inner self is perfect just as it is.

The pain and the anger.
The hate and the darkness.
None of it needs to be there.
None of it is real.

Let it go.

What of other people?
It is not your role to change them.
They have to face their own beasts.
Their own animals within.

All you can do is support and accept.
That they are being the best that they can be.
Right now.

Tomorrow is another day.
Another joy.
Another angst.
Another Love.
Another Loss.
Another step along the journey that is life.
The path of your soul.
The growth of the being.
That lies within.
Us all.

Love to all who find me.

And to my mum, who assumed that this was going to be about ‘squirrel’ diversionary moments.
That is for you to focus on another day!

2 thoughts on “Squirrel”

  1. We can limit ourselves by allowing the wrong ‘stuff’ to block the light, making the soul to seem dark.
    I feel that you can help others by letting them know they are worth it.
    (when they’re ready)

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