Words have power.

They send love. They send fear.
They console. They can threaten.

The simplest tool in our being.
To send energy into the world.
The thoughts within.
Shared ‘with out’.

A blog.
This blog.
What am I adding to this collection of thoughts.
To be read, by those, drawn to the words.
Maybe the picture, but this after all is a blog.
Not the most natural medium to examine the art work.

The whole blog.
Can add to your day.
Give you food for thought.
Stretch your comfort zone.
Or just be a passing glance forgotten in seconds.

One blog in thousands.
All sharing the thoughts within, to those ‘with out’.

A community, a collaboration of words in the ether.

But why?

Do they write from the soul?
We are all but a soul.
Incarnate or otherwise.
Still ostensibly the soul within, casting thoughts to the ether.

To build on collective thought.
Collective points of being, of feeling.

Expressive, monosyllabic.
All expression of being.
Of being as perceived by the author in that moment.

A plethora of emotion on display.

So to the reader.
They search that which is shared.
To find their tribe.
Looking for consensus that their thoughts within,
Are normal, are human.
To validate and relate.
To commiserate.
For gratitude.
That their place of being is more comfortable than yours.
Or to support, for support.

Whatever the reason.
This place,
This plethora of words and thoughts,
Of feelings and emotions,
Thrown out into the universe.
To challenge, or not.
Is ultimately a place of love.
Love of the word and the challenges they bring to your thinking and being.
Were they not to challenge, were they not to add love, in some form or other,
Then delete is probably the most powerful word written in full on the keyboard…

Love to all who find me.

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