In the sea of life.

Sometimes you feel that you are cut adrift.
From reality.
From everyone else’s reality.

What even is reality?


Reality is a strange construct of what is accepted as the norm.
To some.

To other people perhaps.
Especially when your world is tipped upside down.

Rocked by the waves rolling through life.
Disturbing the structure,
The calm,
The balance.

That which is comfortable.

Turning it into something that you would rather not be in.

Back to reality,
A desired place to be,
From that world that is rocked.


The opposite of the disturbance so uncomfortable.
If you didn’t choose it.
Had no control.

So there.
Is reality control?
Or is it the plateau?

When you feel cast adrift.
Aimless perhaps,
Or helpless.

Then the plateau.
Of stability,
Of normality.
Seems like reality.

But reality indeed,
Is now.

Now is reality.

Your reality.

Swim with it.

Work with it.

Fighting it is the hardest to do.

Like the wave that takes you.
You can work with it,
Or fight against it.

The latter is the harder journey,
With the least likely to be successful outcome.

Sometimes when you feel cast adrift.

Take the moment to pause.

Work with where you are.

Not against it.

Your reality is where you are now.

Not other people’s expectations of the ideal place to be.

Whose ideal is really ideal anyway.
Especially in your times now.
Your perfect day.
In your perfect place.

If it were that perfect.
Do you really need to be here, be there, sharing your very perfect ideal.
When you could actually be living every moment,
Of that moment in time.

Live your reality.
Live where you are now.
Feel it.
Experience it.
Be it.

For you,
Not for the admiration of others.

Your moment.
Your life.
To be.

Love to all who find me.

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