Into the Light

As I dance into the light,
The clouds roll round,
The storm rolls around.

But I keep dancing.

When the storm rolls around outside,
I can curl up,
Into a ball,

Or I can keep dancing.
Into the light.

Through the light.

Into the storm.

Now why would you dance into the storm I hear you ask.

Why not!

The challenge.

The adventure.

The deliciousness of spinning and floating and turning,
In to the storm,
Through the storm.

Were life just a bubble.
Floating softly through the air.
Then what?

Where is the challenge?
The experience?
The living?
The life?

Life is the pleasure,
The dance on the wind,
The turn on the note,
Filling the song,
With joy and the dance.

My happy pleasure.
The note on my grave.
‘She danced through life,
And filled it with Love’.

Fill your dance with joy,
And Love.

Love to all who find me.

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